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The Best Plants to Landscape Your Pond

The springtime flowers are in bloom and the koi are stirring in the pond. We have 13 koi fish in our backyard pond presently and I love for their surroundings to be as beautiful as they are. My goal is four season color for the landscape around the pond. Although there are many options which may vary based on your climate zone (if you're unsure, you can check your planting zone here), I'll show you what I've used and why I love it and perhaps it will inspire you when it's time to freshen up your pond landscaping.

Favorites To Plant Around The Pond

Cracks and crevices especially around the front perimeter are great places to plant things like creeping jenny, hens & chicks, creeping thyme, sedum, and ajuga, one of my personal favorites. They creep and grow into the spaces covering up exposed dirt or rocks, are often perennials and provide tons of interest. I like to mix the textures and colors!

Another favorite shown above is creeping phlox. This plant is larger and a bit more substantial so I used it throughout the landscape and near our waterfall. It can get really large, is a spring bloomer and provides 3 season greenery, which I love! Plus is has a fun texture and comes in white, pink and purple.

Lavender is another favorite for various reasons. It's an evergreen which is perfect to frame the space all year, its dried leaves can be burned like incense and in season it provides beautiful flowers that smell incredible!

Catnip is great as a filler as it can also get really large and cascade over rocks. It is also prone to 'jumping' new plants which is cool. Ours is soft and slightly furry and has beautiful purple flowers that bloom early summer straight through the fall. A winner for seasonal color.

Grasses are a staple in any pond landscape

as they provide height and texture and grass naturally vibes with water. We have a native perennial zebra grass that gets very large if not cut and tamed, but it is gorgeous and works lovely to hide unsightly filters and components.

Evergreens are a must for all season color. We included a mix of euonymus, boxwood, holly and the lavender.

Black eyed susan’s and cone flowers are super easy to grow and will spread and self pollinate into small spaces and bloom spring through fall.

Sprinkle in some bulbs (we use a mix of tulips and lilies) for seasonal flowers and you've got yourself a no-fuss, all season pond landscape with tons of interest, fragrance and beautiful blooms.

As a bonus, we have TONS of dragonflies, bees and butterflies around our pond landscape. It's somewhat inherent with a water feature, but having plants that attract pollinators also helps.

Now What?

Now that you've got everything planted, give it a good drink of water and cover it with some mulch. You can purchase bagged mulch in a variety of colors at your local home improvement store, buy in bulk and have it delivered from a stone yard or contact your local recycling facility to see if free mulch made from local leaves is available.

Edging is optional. We may do it at some point to provide clear separation between the lawn and the garden, but we haven’t just yet.

And you're done! Pull up a chair, kick back and enjoy!

Let me know in the comments what you think, if you have any suggestions or if this has inspired you in some way!

Happy digging!



Note: I am not a professional and these suggestions made are just my suggestions and what has worked for me. These suggestions, however, apply to all landscapes, not just ponds, though these plants tolerate water splash and sun.


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