• Jackie Lopez

Standing For What's Right

There is a lot of pain in America today and I have struggled about whether or not to talk about it. I struggled with not saying the right things and not knowing what I don't know, but I am committed to learning and creating space to open up uncomfortable conversations.

Recent tragedies have opened my eyes to what is known as 'white privilege'. I think the word privilege triggers us because, well, we don't feel privileged. It isn't that white people haven't struggled and it's nothing to be ashamed of. It is that those struggles were likely not because of their race. Have others struggled and faced oppression? Yes. Many of those awful moments in history are taught in American classrooms. But systemic racism continues to exist in our communities. Discrimination against black people is not something we have seen, rather it is something we see, each and every day in this country. Frankly, whether we 'see' it or not, equality as topic of discussion once in a while to check our moral compass and reconnect us a society is a good thing.

I understand that I will never know what it feels like to feel oppressed, or be fearful when encountering law enforcement, to be looked at as less than... but that doesn't mean I can't stand up for injustice. I am ashamed for not seeing sooner. All I can do is be better.

I am a visual learner and this video helped me to 'see' it, so I hope you'll take the time to watch it.

Here is what I have learned over the past few days:

My understanding, my feelings, my emotions are changing and evolving every day.

I have tried to listen more than I have spoken, not just to honor the voices that need to be heard but also to lean inward, process and absorb.

I choose not to distract from the cause by giving rioters any attention. Protesters and rioters are not the same. There have been many positive demonstrations and conversations with law enforcement that lead to more powerful bonds within our communities which is surely needed. Here is a photo of a peaceful protest in Riverhead, NY from this past week.

I will continue to have hard conversations, broaden my knowledge and lean in to all the feelings that are brought up each day and use them as opportunities to learn. I will not shy away from the hard things. #MindfulPositivity

Know better, do better is my motto, so as I know better, I'm committed to doing better. Imagine if everyone started on that movement?!

Each month in my free online Facebook group, Get It Together, Girl we focus on a specified topic and this month our topic is #MindfulPositivity. It couldn't have come at a better time for me. The more focused my energy, the better I feel, perform and evolve. Intentionally bringing mindfulness back into my consciousness has been a huge help in grounding my energy and keeping it from spiraling, especially when I feel triggered by things I see on social media (like, daily!)

Other news includes a book club starting in the group tomorrow; I have 2 spots available for 1:1 private coaching this month and stay tuned for new program offerings coming soon. I have decided to push the launch of Sisters in Success 2.0 in order to stay aligned with the message I desire to bring to my community but I look forward to seeing how I, and it, expand. The original Sisters in Success is now a self guided course based off my live taught rounds and is available for purchase on my website.

I would love to open up the conversation in the comments, offer support and hear how you are using mindful positivity in your life. Will you share? Looking forward to your thoughts.




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