• Jackie Lopez

Listen To Your Body

This past weekend was super productive. Saturday was a beautiful day so it was only right that my husband and I got outside and did some work to clean up the gardens and the pond. We also did some planting and mulching. It’s such a transformation in just a few hours work!

So worth it! I absolutely love the serenity of my backyard garden oasis and out by the pond is my favorite place to be.

Sunday got off to a slow start as, in my opinion, Sunday’s should. By the afternoon though, we realized that if I’m to move by design studio from our den space downstairs to a bedroom upstairs (which we agreed would be best- I’ve outgrown the space), we have to get up there and clear it out.

Admittedly 4 pm is not the best time to begin such a project but, we work with what we have so we got to work.

The space was cleared and cleaned quickly and now I get to begin the process of creating the best, most beautifully functional, high vibe design space!

The fun stuff!

I’ve created a new Pinterest board (obviously!) and I’ve been browsing layouts and furniture ideas online since I can’t go out shopping locally. There are still a few big things that need to be re-homed but it’s really coming along and I’m super excited! I even had trouble sleeping because I was so excited!

Check out my new glitter shelf, crafted my by fabulous husband!

Fast forward to Monday morning and I feel like a train wreck. My entire body aches and I’m feeling the effects of not sleeping well. Ugghhhhhhh ....

I hurt.

I have work to do today.

I don’t have time to not feel great.

This sucks.

Then I shift.

I realize that while the old me would just pop some ibuprofen and power through, - it is what it is-

The new me knows better.

The new me knows that I can listen to what my body needs: a low activity day and some rest, and still be productive. Things just look slightly different.

Instead of mopping floors, the robot vac will do its work and that will be good enough.

The physical work I have will be paused (it’s cool, I got 4 orders done yesterday) in favor of design work and writing from the couch, snuggled up with a cozy blanket, tea and my dog.

I’ll get more done and feel better about it all because I’m listening to my body.

I’ll heal faster because I’m honoring what it needs.

My consciousness expands with my connection to self.




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