• Jackie Lopez

I'm getting healthy and it has everything to do with my business

You might be thinking... What??!!

Yes. I am committing to my health and wellness and it has everything to do with my business.

Starting tomorrow, I am hosting a 7 day 'Wellness Week' group on Facebook where I have invited 5 women to come in and discuss traditional and non-traditional methods and tools for getting healthy and being well. You should definitely join us.

This wellness space is a place for healing and knowledge and connection and I am doing it because I desire to grow, nourish and heal my human at a deeper level than ever before. I desire to be free of pain in my head and body. I desire to understand my mind and unlock its gifts. I desire to live with fewer chemicals and allergen triggers.

I also desire to grow my business.

This intentional desire for growth requires a deeper level of discipline and since I wholeheartedly believe that how we do one thing is how we do everything, I believe that healing my body and taking ownership over my health are the things my next level self would be doing. So I am doing them now.

Unlocking my own power over and over again at each level in life and business is the key to continued growth, shifts, opportunities and lessons.

I have been consistent in earning four figures monthly, and I am ready to call in five figure months. The first question I asked myself is who do I need to be to achieve that?

I need to be a woman who shows up for herself and her clients no matter what. One who caters to her audience and makes offers she's in love with.

I also need to be a woman who takes ownership over her health and her habits. One who does the necessary things in order to feel her best. One who gives her word and gets things done.

So I am re-committing to my health. What does that mean to me? Join me over in the Wellness Week and find out!


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