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How to Stand in Your Power (Even During a Crisis)

I feel it would be insensitive to not address the elephant in the room, or rather the virus running rampant around our world. Boy has life changed in just a few weeks.

All of us have been impacted in some way or another. Some are working from home. Some have lost jobs. Some have closed businesses. Some are playing teacher. Some are losing their lives.

While these are uncertain and scary times, we always have a choice. Right now we can choose to be consumed by fear, anxiety, worry and feel the stress and weight of the world, or we can focus on the positives and control what we can control while believing that everything will be alright.

Whichever way you feel, it's 100% okay.

Whichever way you feel, you are not alone.

I am choosing to stand in my power as a leader of myself. I am choosing to be a light and shine it for others to see. I am choosing gratitude and to believe that times like these are opportunities to look at the things we may take for granted and cherish them. Time with our families. The ability to social distance. Soap to wash our hands. Technology to work from home. Grocery stores that deliver.

Standing in our power is work on a normal day, but standing in our power in the midst of a crisis is an even taller order. I do still feel some worry. I do experience emotional ups and downs. I also have a choice. Always.

I have a choice in each and every situation. What will I think? How will I take action? What will I say? What do I believe? How will I use my time? What can I learn?

These answers will define how I will remember this experience and every one after this.

I am choosing to lean in, allow my feelings to come, work through them and take action based on who I want to be. I am choosing to be a problem solver, to adapt. I will cultivate the thought that I can make anything work.

What will you choose?

Here are my 5 best tips for feeling powerful now:

1. Back to Basics - Wash your hands, don't touch your face, stay inside and if you must go out, protect yourself with gloves and a mask if possible. Support your immune system by taking your vitamins and probiotics and drinking plenty of water. Set boundaries.

2. Don't Ignore your Feelings - You can stay home as a means of prevention or you can stay home out of fear. Acknowledge your energy and feelings, give yourself grace and do your best to take care of you while sorting out whats going on in your head.

3. Use your time - If you have some extra time on your hands, don't let it go to waste. Throw yourself into the things you love! Learn the thing, read the book, workout, start a business, tackle the list, be who you want to be! The time is now!

4. Feel the Fear- This is a time of uncertainty and its natural to have feelings of fear, confusion, worry, and doubt. Let these feelings come but don't act from a place of fear. Trust that we will get through this.

5. Be Flexible - Plans have likely changed. When this is all over, we will have to reorganize, rearrange and re-adapt to our new normal and we will, because good leaders are like willow trees: strongly rooted, but blow beautifully in the breeze.

Please let me know how I can help support you during this time and leave a comment if this blog content has educated, empowered or otherwise brought a smile to your face.



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