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5 Tips For Selling Handmade Goods

I have always been creative. When I was about 8 years old, my Mimi and I found a doll house at a garage sale that I completely transformed and decorated. I'll never forget that sea foam green and peach bathroom! I was so proud of it. I planned and I prepped and I created the vision I saw in my mind. So cool!

My first entrepreneurial memory is of me selling holiday ornaments on Friday nights at the bowling alley my parents bowled at. I used to make the ornaments out of pipe cleaners and beads, hot gluing elves and angels to the centers and stringing them up for hanging. I do not remember how much they sold for, but I distinctly recall the feeling of selling my creations - it was nothing short of exhilarating!

Fast forward and life became less creative and more practical and creating became something I didn't have time for but craved. Then for Christmas, 2017, my husband bought me my very first Cricut cutting machine. My sister in law was turning 30 so I made her some custom glittered wine glasses and used my Cricut to cut the design I applied to the goblets. A few months later, my cousin had her first baby and I made some custom baby bodysuits for little AJ. This is so fun!

Reconnected with my inner artist and encouraged by my family, I began my handmade business. I officially opened Dragonfly Designs in March, 2019 and grew it to five figure sales. I did not pay for ads or use sleazy sales tactics, I instead focus on growing my audience and building connections. I got clear on what I wanted and why. I committed to being consistent and treating my business like it was my full time job. Creating a profitable business from your handmade passions is easier than you think if you follow some proven strategies.

Here are 5 tips to help you successfully sell:

1. Establish your brand and create visual branding

What are the things, colors, textures you like? Use this to create your business vibe, logo and complimenting side projects and graphics to promote your business and products.

2. Market your products to YOUR clients

Grow and cultivate your audience so that your offers reach your potential buyers. Instead of trying to talk to everyone, find out who your people are and tailor offers for them.

3. Show up, be visible and work the social media code to your advantage

The best thing you can do for your business is show up for it. Share your offers, be visible on social media and do the work.

4. Leverage your network and grow your tribe

It's important to constantly be growing your network and providing value to cultivate your tribe.

5. Use quality photos, imagery and graphics to showcase yourself and your products

In small business, we as owners have to wear all the hats. Improve your photography skills, download a new app, watch some videos, work with your camera settings. Information is at our fingertips. Don't let not knowing how stop you. Ask questions. Learn how. Try, evaluate, try again.

Consistency is key on any business and your handmade business is no different. Treating it like a business, setting a dedicated schedule to work and leveraging the power of social media will put you on the road to success.

Brand recognition goes a long way in the marketplace and establishing your brand can help you stand out.

So many people quit because they don't see the return on their time or financial investment quickly enough, but with consistency, persistence and time, your success is inevitable!

If you desire to grow your business and you're ready to master social media, nail your marketing and boost your sales, the Sisters in Success experience may be for you.

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Happy creating!



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