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How I Scale My Handmade Business

Making consistent money working from home can be tough. Making consistent money working from home selling your own handmade items can be even tougher. It is physical and mental work and it can be exhausting without much return on your blood, sweat and likely tears.

The good news is, with a few great ideas, a solid strategy and the tenacity to not quit, you can make solid money selling your crafts and handmade gifts from home.

I have been creative all my life. I would rearrange my room and paint my light switch covers. I designed and decorated an entire doll house from bare wood when I was a kid, down to area rugs in each bedroom and towels in the bathrooms. I would make and sell holiday ornaments at the bowling alley where my parents bowled on Friday nights at 10 or so years old. Creativity was never my problem. Adulting, however, sucked a lot of my creativity out of me and replaced it with practicality for a lot of years.

It wasn’t until a few years ago that I got my creative inspiration back and it has been non-stop flow ever since. It grew from a spark of creating gifts for friends and family to taking an order here or there to consistent four figure months and growing.

Here’s how I did it:

I branded myself and my business and I live within the standards I have set.

I consistently network my services. A good percentage of my new business is referral based.

I evolve my products and services to align with my current vibe, my talents and what inspires me which means frequently discontinuing items and adding new ones.

I share my life and my business on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest) daily.

Customer service is my top priority and my customers feel that. It keeps them coming back.

I spend time in my Facebook community cultivating relationships with my people and supporting them in their needs.

I spend time growing myself through coaching and personal development.

I treat my business like a business ad invest in its success.

So what's the Secret to Success?

Bad news: there is no secret to success. No magic formula, no secret code.

Good news: The key to YOUR success, is and always will be YOU.

YOU are the best part of your business. It all begins with you, just as in my business, it begins with me. People buy from me not just for my products but for me, and the same is true for you. By establishing strong personal and brand standards and operating in integrity within those standards, we create space for expansion in the form of sales, ideas and opportunities.

Yes, there is strategy involved.

Yes, things may get uncomfortable as we stretch.

Yes, we must expand our skills and our capacity for having more.

But isn't life uncomfortable at times anyway?

Wouldn't it be amazing to say you gave it your all, regardless of the outcome (though I very much believe you are fully capable of success beyond your wildest dreams!)?

Imagine, your handmade business generating enough income to buy groceries, or pay your car insurance, or pay your mortgage!

It is absolutely possible for you whether you are already making consistent sales or are struggling to get started. You just need to decide you are ready and show up each day ready to take the action that moves you closer to realizing your dreams.

If you are ready to grow your handmade business but don't know where to start, you are personally invited to join my free Facebook group, Get It Together, Girl for free trainings, masterclasses and opportunities for weekly coaching.

If you are next level ready to get step effortlessly into your brand, get noticed on social media and master the art of soul selling, check out the 'Programs' tab for course offerings and opportunities to work together.

I embody what I teach and I know it works not just because it has worked for me but because all of my clients have experienced growth in their businesses. These shortcuts can save you time and aggravation on your journey to your own success, while allowing you to focus on the things you love to create.

Love is an ingredient in everything I make. It has to be because if it isn't, then I am likely not connected to what I am doing. Instead of coming from a place of flow, it comes from a forced place and the results often demonstrate that.

Connecting back with yourself and why and what you love to create will set you up to begin making sales. From there, we can devise a plan to scale for next level business growth.

Remember, it all starts with you.



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