• Jackie Lopez

HAVE MORE FUN and make more money

Business is a serious thing but that doesn't mean we have to take it so seriously. Chances are the more fun you are having in life and business, the more enjoyable the experience is for you. If what you are doing makes you miserable, you might want to rethink why you are doing it.

Fun and pleasure are sure fire ways to tap into the expansiveness of MORE. How can you have more fun in your life and in your business?

Perhaps a mid day massage? Sounds lovely, right? Give yourself a two minute one on your lunch break tomorrow. Love the look of fresh flowers? Go buy yourself some from the grocery store or better yet, pick a few along your travels. What about a dance party with every cha-ching?! Make a game of your shipping assembly? How about a conscious smile with every encounter? There are endless free or nearly free ways we can bring more fun, more joy and more abundance into our lives. Here are a few other quick ideas:

When we feel good we vibrate higher, cultivating higher caliber thoughts and ideas, communicating more effectively and performing better. This means better relationships, perfectly matched opportunities and more money! We show up differently when we are happy people leading fun, passion filled lives. We smile more, give more freely, judge less and have more faith. Hope floats all around us like a glittery bubble!

We begin to attract all the glittery, fun and hope filled things, people, circumstances and situations because that is what we have calibrated our vibration to. Good days become good weeks, which turn into good months and good years. Before long, life is just GOOD! Maybe even great! Whatever we believe becomes true for us so believing in the good brings about more good.

There is always much benefit to getting out of our head and into our hearts so this week, I challenge you to have more fun! Look for it in unexpected places and create it out of the mundane. Change up your routine by turning up the FUN and take notice of the effects on your mood and thoughts. Let me know in the comments, by replying by email or by inboxing me.

When we are intentional with our thoughts, emotions, reactions and behaviors, together we can make life more FUN!


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