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Go All In!

A few weeks ago I presented a LIVE video masterclass in my online Facebook group called the

All-In Masterclass and the content was so valuable that I wanted to offer it here to my blog subscribers as a written post. Rather and have it transcribed, I took the key points to break down and offer here in manageable chunks for you to take away and use in your life and business.

Let's get started!

We all have big dreams and goals, right? Some life changing desire, then thing we can't stop thinking about, daydreaming about, fantasizing about...be it to hit the lottery or build an orphanage.

What is that one thing for you?

Now that it is on your heart, lets go all-in. Take a moment to get completely lost in the feeling of having everything you desire. Imagine yourself as if you have hit the lottery, in your new home or car. Imagine yourself in your new orphanage, surrounded by children and laughter. Feel the ocean breeze, smell the salt air, and walk into your new beach house. Whatever it is for you, let it consume you and hold that feeling as you continue reading.

All-In Tip #1: Whenever you have a moment of doubt, revisit THE feeling.

And you will have moments of doubt. We all do. We think that those who do brave things don't get scared, or anxious, or worry about what others think. They do. They just do them anyway.

Going All-In allows us to practice overcoming the emotion of fear as it arises. It allows us to retrain our brains as well.

It is natural for our brain to look for evidence before it can believe in something new. Naturally then, when we are desiring to create new things in our lives, our brain, as a primitive measure of defense and survival, interjects excuses and doubts to sway us from taking action. We put up all the red lights in our mind as to why we can't, shouldn't, or in what ways things could go wrong.

Though this method of thinking keeps us shielded, it is also counter intuitive to growth because while our comfort zones are safe spaces, they do not allow for expansion.

The truth is, confidence comes after we nail it.

We have to first believe we can and take steps each day toward our goals in faith, refining ourselves as we go and making mistakes along the way. Even those on the right track get run over if they don't move.

Here is the cycle - we desire, we decide, we act, things don't go as planned.....

We feel silly, unworthy, embarrassed, so we pull the plug, putting us right back where we started, or worse. It can be especially hard to pick ourselves back up and try again.

We probably have zero evidence it will work, so following our desires seem ...reckless...like a shot in the dark...like our past failures reincarnated.

But what if instead, we assess, adjust and re-aim our focus? Remember tip #1.

Find the feeling to create the proof.

The very thing we desire may be one step away, but when we pull the plug, we are left with undeveloped potential, which may be my ultimate fear.

I'll be the first to admit, peeling back the layers of ourselves to really shine a light on the areas where we compromise our standards, accept less than we deserve and negotiate our way out of doing the things we truly desire is gut wrenching stuff. It is the unsexy inner work necessary for the expansion we desire.

Going 'All-In' requires us to look at our relationship with ourselves, examine how we define success, and be willing to re-write all the rules for our lives in a way that feels good and brings about the successes we dream of.

Your big dream, that soul calling you cannot escape is not always logical, but if you take small steps in the direction that feels right each day, you'll find your destination while having enjoyed the journey. Isn't that the ultimate goal?!

All-In Tip #2: Keep Moving Forward

We can plan and strategize and work up the data and logistics all we want, those are important components that attribute to success, but trying to approach big dreams from a logical perspective doesn't work because it opens the door for doubt to creep in, tapping his foot, rapid firing questions.

Instead we must connect back with our 'All-In' goal, to what feels good to you, tap into the feelings that light us up inside and from that place, we can move. Moving from fear almost always results in poor decisions.

The good news is if you've experienced this cycle more than once, congratulations Sis, you've found your soul calling!

It doesn't go away.

Since it won't go away until you do.the.things., better get to it. The sooner you acknowledge your soul calling and start treating it as such, the sooner your life will start to shift.

It doesn't matter how much time you've been trying or how long it should take, we often set our timelines based on need and circumstances, but our dreams don't respond to those. The ways of the universe do not work in terms of time, they work in term of alignment.

All-In Tip #3: Trust the Timing

As long as we keep moving toward our goals, keep learning and growing, working through our emotions and fears we will become the person who is fully aligned with our goals and dreams.

It can be difficult to see the way from here to there but that just means we are embarking on a journey, an evolution of self, and we will need to gather supplies, tools and knowledge for the trip.

If we believe things will not work, things will not work.

If we believe things will work, things will work.

What makes the difference is who you are being. The energy from which you think, feel and act.

It is my desire to create beautiful things and help women live their best lives. I believe in my ability to do both of those things so fiercely that neither my circumstances nor my failures will knock me off course. I may be derailed temporarily, but a wise woman once told me "If I don't quit today, I won't quit". I think of that on the hard days. I notice my own patterns, calling myself out on them. That is what "All-In' means to me. No matter what.

If you are reading this, perhaps this message was as much for me as it is for you. If you've been actively avoiding your opportunity to rise, know you are moving away from your goals. Struggling to make moves is a sign our mindset needs work. There may be some beliefs due for rewriting or some cords that need to be cut, but I promise doing this work is incredibly freeing and brings forth tremendous clarity.

Feel free to save this graphic to your phone or make it your wallpaper and if you need some extra support, I'm just an message away.



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