• Jackie Lopez

Failing Forward

This past week has taught me a LOT about myself.

I dug deep into some limiting beliefs I didn't know existed.

I uncovered some patterns I was still subconsciously practicing.

Most importantly, I learn by failing forward.

Failing forward looks a lot like this:

I try new things and fall on my face. Often.

The former version of me would have stayed down, sobbing in the feelings of defeat.

The former version of me might never have gotten up the courage to try in the first place.

But things have changed. Instead of just failing, I started failing forward. I started to use every experience and circumstance as an opportunity to learn and grow leveraging my mistakes toward my next successes and inevitable failures.

A few things happened.

It became abundantly clear that I learn best by doing. I think most of us do. There is only so much information we can consume before we have to go out and try what we've learned.

From there, we learn 'in the field' so to speak.

I had watched a ton of YouTube videos about a new project I wanted to try. Once I had all the information, the steps, the materials, the tips and tricks, there was nothing left to do but take action. I had to try it out for myself. The only space available for continuing education was in troubleshooting my own mistakes. THAT is how I learn, improve and grow my abilities.

In the beginning, it felt terrible. Failing, that is. But failing doesn't make me a failure. It's important to remember that. Failing means I was brave enough to try; willing to be bad at something new. That's a lot to be proud of.

Once I started to shift my perspective, realizing that all successful people take action not because they aren't afraid but because they had the courage to fail, over and over, my entire perspective around failure shifted.

I was able to see that failing forward was a technique I could use to become better, the best version of me. Failing forward was the theme for me this week, and it touched everything from my creative work, to my coaching, to coloring my own hair and having a whole new appreciation for my incredible hair colorist.

We are more capable than we think. We always have room to grow, but more often than not it is not our abilities that keep us from doing all the things and living a life more amazing than we imagine, but our fear of the unknown, fear of failing, perhaps fear of succeeding.

Whatever your fears are, you are not alone in feeling them. The key is to not get stuck there. Get comfortable with being uncomfortable. This helps us literally expand our capacity for more.

Sometimes, we think we are failing when we are actually blazing new trails. Let failure be your teacher and take steps, even if they are baby steps toward your goals. Do the things you want to do and enjoy failing forward. It's one of my new favorite things to do.



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