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Best Tips for Packaging & Shipping

One of my favorite things about my business is my branding and packaging and shipping is an amazing opportunity to showcase my brand and help my products stand out.

There is only one chance at a first impression and I desire shopping with me to be a wonderful experience from start to finish, from the time an order is placed until the time the product arrives!

For this reason, I spend a little extra time and money on my packaging to be sure my clients feel the love infused into every item I create.

Here are my best tips for packaging and shipping to create a big impact on a small budget:

First things first, a personal note goes a long way. I always include a note and business card with each order that thanks the customer for their business and asks for a review. Reviews are super important, especially when exchanging money on the internet with strangers and simply asking for them as increased the number of reviews I receive both in my Etsy shop and on my Facebook business page.

Whether I am delivering an item in person or sending it through the mail, I want my packaging to look beautiful. For hand to hand exchanges, I place my items in white tissue paper within white paper bags that I have decorated with my logo. You can even find tissue and bags that compliment your brand colors. So fun! I print my Dragonfly Designs logo on sticker paper and cut them using my Cricut, placing one on every bag. You an also purchase a stamp with your business logo and stamp them on, if you prefer.

I use those same logo stickers when packaging up items for shipping. I just completed an order for two t-shirts so I will use that as an example. I first take a piece of tissue paper and lay it out. I then place my folded t-shirts on a diagonal on top and fold in the tissue like you are wrapping a gift. I seal with tape if needed and add my logo sticker to the center. I love that as soon as my clients remove their items from the mailer, my logo is the first thing they see!

Although I am passionate about recycling, I choose to purchase decorative poly mailers instead of recycling and reusing my packaging for shipping. This goes back to my desire to create an experience for my buyers that showcases my brand standards but it is a completely optional step. I also like to decorate my packages with stickers thanking customers for their order and offering other well wishes and words of inspiration. There is so much negativity in the world that I will take any opportunity I can to infuse love and support. It's just how I roll! I design the stickers myself, print with my home printer and cut with my Cricut but there are many small business sellers that offer fun shipping stickers as well.

If you have a Cricut, there is no limit to the things you can create for your packaging - from product cards, to labels, stickers, tags and thank you notes. Use your brand colors and logo and let your imagination run wild!

When packaging an order from online or my Etsy shop for shipping, I use Pirate Ship for better than post office shipping rates. Just package up your item, weight with your kitchen scale and print your shipping label right from your home printer. Then just pop your package in your mailbox for USPS carrier pick up. Pirate Ship integrates with Etsy with ease and honestly, their customer service is impeccable. For that reason, I highly recommend checking them out.

Other ideas for packaging and shipping include ordering boxes from USPS or from a supplier like Uline, depending on what it is you are shipping. You may also consider bubble wrap, smaller cellophane bags or paper shred, depending on what it is you are selling and shipping.

Don't go off spending all your profits on shipping materials, but if you are selling and shipping, be sure you are prepared and are including your packaging and shipping costs into your pricing. Business should not only be beautiful but should make money too!

I hope you've enjoyed my quick tips! We cover all of this in depth including brand and branding, logo design, print and cut tutorials, nailing the customer experience and more in the new Sisters in Success² Experience. Pop over to the 'Programs' tab for all the deets or send me an email.

Oh and please drop a comment if you found this helpful. :)



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