• Jackie Lopez

Action + Energy = Magic

When I first began coaching, I almost exclusively taught strategy. I inherently operate in my left brain and so I can talk strategy all day. With my own strategies I was able to achieve success, or at least a monetary amount I defined as success. It worked.

It is also the hard way.

It sounds crazy, I know. If you've been around a while you know I do crazy on a regular basis. I do crazy because I refuse to be limited by what others believe or have done. I find examples of what is possible and then work to be that for others. Crazy doesn't mean doing things the hard way though. I also believe in working smarter not harder.

That is why I need to share what I have learned with you and how I apply it to my business.

My breakdown happened long before my breakthrough in business. Let me preface this by saying that a breakdown is not required for success. You do not need to be in despair, to hit rock bottom or to be fired from your job of 15 years. If you relate to my story, great! If not, that is okay! The principles applied are just as relevant. Back to the story...

It was November, 2005 and we had just closed on our first house. We way overpaid but it was ours. It was home. We didn't have two nickels to rub together and had hand me down furniture but we learned to live with ugly. Soon after we struggled to meet our monthly financial obligations with the expenses of our new home. The economy began to crash and our home lost a ton of value and all of our equity. My husband lost his job. I picked up a second job to help out. We began grinding and hustling, working odd jobs, selling thing online, but we still couldn't amass any money. It seemed like the harder we worked the more expenses we had.

We would continue this cycle for almost a decade. We fell into what I now call autopilot mode - in our relationship, in our careers, in our home. We worked, slept and repeated this behavior, unable to change it until we just stopped trying. Our standards fell and we just existed, scraped by, survived...for years.

Now for the shift. One day I decided I wanted more. I suppose I was sick and tired of being broke. I began to dive into personal development. I linked arms with some friends who believed in my greatness. I began to consider the idea that maybe my life could be better. Amazing even!

I invested in several courses and programs and even went on retreats to learn and uncover new things about myself I didn't know. I peeled back the layers. I conquered (some of) my fears. I met lots of amazing people who became new examples of what is possible for me.

The truth is nothing shifted but me. It seems so elusive, so far fetched, but it is also very simple. My desire for more shifted. My belief in myself shifted. My standards shifted. My mindset shifted.

When I paired these shifts with the strategies I was already killing, magic happened. Clients are in my inbox asking for quotes. New clients joining my programs. I get to hear 'cha-ching' all day long. Deciding was the very first step.

I still teach lots of strategies for success in business, but now I pair that action with the energy of someone who has an abundance of everything she wants. I coach my clients to do the same. What I have learned is what you do will only get you so far, who you are as you are doing the things you do has the power to change everything.

Action + Energy = Magic

It gets to be easy or it gets to be hard and when we operate in life and business in alignment with who we truly are and what we truly want, all the things we desire come easier. We can create more with less. We can collapse time and earn income that doesn't make sense.

I am going to deep dive into all of this and more in my free Soul Selling Masterclass happening on Wednesday, October 28, 2020 at 4 pm eastern in my community Get It Together, Girl. Be sure to join us live or on the replay and let me know what your biggest takeaway is for a chance to win a business intensive 1:1 call with me.

So jump on in the group, find the events tab and click 'GOING' to be notified when I am live and have easy access to the replay. While the energy of a live masterclass is unmatched, the replay will be available for anyone who cannot be with us live. I am going to not only expand on the topics in this blog but I am also going to be spilling all my secrets to soul selling on social media and e-commerce platforms for effortless online sales!

Girl chat's about business and income growth? I am SO here for it!

See you Wednesday!

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