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5 Ways to Up-Level Your Life Today

There were many things that contributed to my realization, but one day I woke up and thought, whose life is this? It was not what I had in mind for my life, that was for sure. I had a typical 9-5, a partner, family, a house, all the things that made me totally normal. We made good money but there never seemed to be enough. I decided that day I wanted things to change. I dove into personal development and began up-leveling my life in every way. I took full responsibility for my health. I became a good steward of money. I choose to win at life each and every day. If you can relate to feeling like life isn't exactly what you had in mind, here are my top 5 tips to begin to up-level your life today:


It is very easy to get caught up in life's routine. We get caught up in our to-do list and taking care of others that we soon forget what it's like to take care of ourselves. The busier we get, the lower our standards drop and before long, we hardly recognize ourselves.

Its time to turn that around. Make yourself a priority again. Take time to do the things you love, even if you can only spare five minutes. Read, take a bath, do yoga, take a walk, get a manicure, but do something each day for yourself.


How often do you honor your word? I used to find that I would always keep my word to others but I would rarely keep me word to myself. I made a commitment to my integrity that I will always do what I say I will do.


Honoring my integrity means doing what brings me joy and saying no to things that don't feel good. Saying 'no' can feel icky at first, especially if others just expect us to do as we always have but it is okay to say no, to decline a invite, to not join the party, it's okay to say no for no reason at all.

Seek joy and follow the things that feel like home.


Establishing healthy boundaries in life allows us to take back control. Boundaries establish a safety zone, a rule book when we feel weary, and when we honor them, we are able to stand in our power no matter the circumstance. Set though boundaries and when you decide to say no, it will feel that much better.


If you want to up-level your life, start consistently investing in yourself. New knowledge leads to new ideas and applications. Action opens doors! There are tons of ways you can consume information, books, podcasts, blogs, videos, tutorials, courses, masterminds, coaches, but the transformation is up to you. Having support helps.

No one aspect of our lives will ever be great while the others fall apart. It's time to lean in to our greatness and up-level one day at a time.



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