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Welcome! My name is Jackie Lopez.  I'm a wife, mom, creative entrepreneur and success coach.  I have always had big dreams and a desire to help others but a while back I found myself playing safe and not stepping up in my own life.  I had lost my sense of self and I felt hopeless for my future, until I decided I was ready to get it together. 

It happened just like that. One day I just woke up. I looked around at my life and it wasn't quite what I had in mind. It wasn't what I had in mind at all. After discussing all I was feeling with my husband, we decided to start with our money. We began working on our money mindset and sticking to a budget. We saw our opportunities for wealth increase quickly. I couldn't help but talk about it. 

I created the Get It Together, Girl blog and online community for myself and like minded women to come together to intentionally focus on our money, our health, our mindset and making more out of our lives.  A 'Get It Together, Girl' knows she was created for more and she is ready to start living the life she's only dreamed of. The group has evolved into a space of learning, networking, trainings, connection, tutorials and sisterhood. Our facebook group is our sanctuary where we grow out loud and support each other along our journeys. Join us if you haven't already. Each month we focus on a new topic for thought and discussion, I go live weekly with shares and coaching and it's a great place to make new friends.

My offers include a weekly blog showcasing the actual ways I am 'getting it together', as well as courses, one to one business coaching, and exclusive, handmade product collections and private label merchandise bundles offered by my design company, Dragonfly Designs.  Shop my collections and join my Facebook community to access our infusion of support, mindset work, offerings, business experience, soul digging and next level vibes. 

I'm SO excited to connect with you and share my world.

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